Case Studies


Almeda County

Old lighting on top floor, new lighting below.

Notice different colors of light and the hot
spots on the ceiling from the old fixtures.

Enlight Upgrades the lighting at the Alameda County Office of Education

The offices of the Alameda County Office of Education in Hayward, CA were lit with 250-watt metal halide up-lights.  The light levels had degraded over the years, the fixtures buzzed, the light quality was bad, and the metal halide lights used too much energy.  Enlight replaced the fixtures with new Finelite Series 12 direct-indirect fixtures and increased light levels and light quality, and saved energy. 

In addition to replacing the fixtures in the offices and hallways throughout the building, Enlight retrofitted miscellaneous fluorescent fixtures to high efficiency T-8 lamps and ballasts and replaced incandescent exit signs with new LED exit signs.