Case Studies



Exterior fixtures at Safeway's
Distribution Center

Enlight Installs new Exterior Fixtures to Improve Lighting Quality and Save Energy at Safeway’s Distribution Center.

Safeway’s distribution center in Tracy, California is a 24-hour operation.  Trucks are arriving on one side of the mammoth building from manufacturers with products, and Safeway trucks are leaving from the other side of the building with the correct mix of product for the stores.  It is important that truck drivers be able to see well at all hours of the day.

The truck yard was lit with 400-watt high pressure sodium fixtures on 30-foot tall poles.  Enlight replaced all the HPS fixtures with new T-5 HO four-lamp fixtures from Amerillum.  The old fixtures used 465 watts each, and the new fixtures use 220 watts.  The measured light levels after installation were on average 20% higher than before, and the new light is white instead of orange, increasing visibility and safety.