Case Studies



Yellow HPS fixtures before the retrofit


New lights in the foreground, old behind


New lights installed on the top floors

Enlight Helps Mervynís Upgrade Their Corporate Headquarters Parking Garage

In January of 2006, Mervynís hired Enlight of Pleasanton to design and install new lighting for their Corporate Headquarters Parking Garage.

While the main reason for doing the lighting change was energy savings, the improvement in light quality and perceived safety in the garage was startling.

Enlight had approached Dave Wiggins of Trammell Crow and Rob Lucacher of Mervynís in 2005 with a proposal to save energy by replacing the yellow High Pressure Sodium light fixtures in the garage with specially designed fixtures from Enlight.

Enlight promised an eighteen month payback on Mervynís investment, and clean looking white light.

After interviewing the managers of other garages with similar retrofits, and seeing the installed fixtures, Dave and Rob gave their approval for the project.

Mervynís initial investment was $61,192. They received a rebate from PG&E of $12,859, are seeing energy savings of $32,800 per year. The users of the garage love the light.

Matt Tracy of Enlight says that changing Metal Halide fixtures will save even more energy than changing High Pressure Sodium.